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Book Reviews: Windows

Programming Windows Security, Brown

May 20, 2004
Addison-Wesley, 2000
Again a reference work. Or something between a regular read and a reference. It goes into security programming in painful detail. I've used several code snippets from this one to make my code work right. Haven't succeeded yet, but that's no reason to give up. (11/2002) (No comments yet)

Programming Applications for Windows 4th ed., Richter

May 20, 2004
MS Press, 1999
It's a reference work that (coincidentally?) covers the exact things that most other books do not cover. I don't think it's enough of a reference on its own, though. It definitely needs to be complemented by Prosise and Petzold (see below). Weirdly, hardly one chapter in this book overlaps with anything in any of the other two. It wouldn't be a bad idea to sell the three as a package. (11/2002) (No comments yet)

Professional NT Services, Miller

May 20, 2004
Wrox, 1998
As far as I know, the only book to describe NT services in depth. The only book dedicated to it, at least. It's really useful when writing services. I've had it for a while now, but only just got around to adding it here. (11/2002) (No comments yet)

Network Programming for MS Windows, Jones-Ohlund

May 20, 2004
MS Press 1999
Generally speaking, the right book to turn to for Winsock programming, including Winsock 2, how to use completion ports and stuff like that. It's either this or relying on MFC or somebody's control. (02/2001) (No comments yet)

Debugging Applications, John Robbins

May 20, 2004
MS Press 2000
Unique book, really. Many, many very useful tips. Several very useful utilities, too. Highly recommended. I've already begun changing my apps to be more pro-active debugging styles. (01/2001) (No comments yet)

Multithreading Applications in Win32

May 20, 2004
Beveridge - Wiener, Addison-Wesley 1997
I've done a bit of multithreading programming before reading this book, so I went "Ah, that's what I should have done" all the time. Neat and (I guess; what do I know?) exhaustive, treatment of the subject. I'll certainly keep using this one as a reference for a long time to come. (01/2001) (No comments yet)

Programming Windows with MFC, 2nd ed., Prosise

May 20, 2004
MS Press 1999
The reference for all standard MFC work. Of course. (No comments yet)

Programming Windows 95, Petzold

May 20, 2004
MS Press 1996
The reference for all standard non-MFC work. Of course. I had the feeling this one was ready for the basement, and then I get this contract to help develop skins for a client side app. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover you're better off programming the RegisterWindowClass / CreateWindow way for skins, using message loops and the switch statement from hell, than trying to apply MFC. This actually means that an old fart like me, who's done Windows SDK 1.01, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, checking out the "Clock" application in each one, has an advantage! Jeez, there's still hope for (graying) mankind! Can't help it, but I love that stuff. Even though it's the software version of a T-Ford. Makes you feel you're useful. (No comments yet)

Programming Windows, 5th ed.

May 20, 2004
Petzold, MS Press 1999
I thought I could make it without getting this edition, too. I was wrong. (Added october 2000) (No comments yet)

Programming Windows 3, Petzold

May 20, 2004
MS Press 1990
This one definitely is ready for the basement or worse. Forget I even mentioned it. I'm ashamed already. (No comments yet)

Programmer's Guide to MS Windows 95

May 20, 2004
MS Press 1995
It doesn't have an author. If nobody can be found to take credit for it, you should smell a rat. When will I ever learn... (No comments yet)

Inside Server-Based Applications, Reilly

May 20, 2004
MS Press 2000
I just brought this one and the next one home today. I don't even have Windows 2000 running yet, but I have this eerie feeling Windows 2000 may become important (I'm a very sensitive person, premonition-wise). (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)

Programming Server-Side Applications for W2K, Richter-Clark

May 20, 2004
MS Press 2000
Even though this book seems to be targeted at the same kind of thing as "Inside Server-Based Applications" by Reilly, the table of contents does look differently slanted. Just seeing the authors made it a must-buy no-brainer. I still have to read it, though. (Added July 2000) (1 comment)
Very useful! (martin)
May 28, 2004
 Actually, this is the book to turn to when you've got slightly unusual requirements. This is where I found the information to implement performance counting in Delphi (even though everything in the book is C++). Other covered issues are WMI and service management in general. Stuff other books usually gloss over entirely.