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Book Reviews: XML

Professional XML Databases, Williams

May 20, 2004
Wrox, 2000
I counted the authors but found nothing wrong. So much for exercising my OCD. What you'll find in here is lots of stuff on schemas, DOM, SAX, XSLT and the other X'es. It's the usual Wrox thousand page doorstop, so I can't claim to have read it. I do have a dark feeling I'll need this one shortly, though. (04/2001) (No comments yet)

Professional XML, Martin

May 20, 2004
Wrox, 2000
There's 13 authors. Only 12 photo's up front, so it makes you wonder who's hiding and why. Covers most XML technology as of the end of 1999, including SOAP, WAP, WML. And XML schemas, but that's futile to follow right now, changes too fast. Recommended, even though you'll never have the time to get through it before it's out of date. But that's XML life right now. (Added june 2000) (No comments yet)

XSLT Programmer's Reference, Kay

May 20, 2004
Wrox, 2000
I'm trying to figure out how Wrox does this. I mean, their books are so incredibly up to date, they must be printing directly from the wordprocessors or something. The hasty publishing sometimes shows in editing slipups (not in this book, but in others), but I'm not complaining since I find that a small price to pay. This book contains a lot of information on the current state of the XSLT standards with good examples. It covers MSXML v 3, which is still in beta as I write this! Needlessly to say, I haven't finished this book yet (750+ pages, one author, I'm amazed), but I'm working on it. July 2000. (Added july 2000) (No comments yet)