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Book Reviews: Java


May 20, 2004
For a while there, I learned and used J++ 6.0 and totally loved it. It's a great language and environment, but... As I started to run into little problems, I discovered there were exactly two decent books on it (both are below) and practically nobody on the net that used it. No real support on MSDN either. A total vacuum, actually. So I dropped it entirely. Also, I really don't see that much advantage in Java as such. I did love the J++ IDE, but you don't have that for Java. Also, it's too much of a divergence for me to move over to the other camp and use the "original" thing. So no more Java for me, for the time being (Added July 2000)
... a few months later...

So, here I am buying new books on Java again. Meaning real Java, not the discontinued J++, of course. Also, I changed this section to be both Java and Internet. Else where would I put server-side type books? (2/2001) (No comments yet)

Beginning Java 2

May 20, 2004
Horton, Wrox, 1999
The longer I'm at this, the more "beginner" the books get. (4/2001) (No comments yet)

Beginning E-Commerce

May 20, 2004
Reynolds, Wrox, 2000
One author, one picture. That's the way to go. I don't have to count. Do have to read, though. (2/2001) (No comments yet)

Java Server Programming

May 20, 2004
Patzer, Wrox, 1999
They've got a problem at Wrox; 15 authors but only 12 photo's this time. All of them guys. One with a cat. Where are the three missing persons? Virtual people? Ugly as sin? No money for decent clothes? Oh, well, I still need to read this book, though. (2/2001) (No comments yet)

Java in a Nutshell

May 20, 2004
Flanagan, O'Reilly, 1996
A good little general reference for the Java language proper. Like most O'Reilly books, something between a quick reference and a textbook. My copy only covers Java 1.0, though. The current edition probably does. (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)

Learn Java Now

May 20, 2004
Davis, MS Press, 1996
This little book came with J++ 1.1 (or 1.0, I forget). It was my first intro to Java and J++. The author loves writing, that's obvious. He's also fun to read, lots of little pleasant jokes. The red MS book below was also written by the same author, and just as readable. (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)

Visual J++6 from the ground up

May 20, 2004
Maso, Osborne, 1999
One of the two real books on J++ I could find. Good coverage of general Java issues, COM programming and ADO programming. To have a decent reference to most stuff you'd use daily, you need this one and the other (Davis) book. They're amazingly complementary. (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)

Programming Visual J++ 6.0

May 20, 2004
Davis, MS Press, 1999
The other of the two real books on J++ I could find. Very well written and particularly good coverage of WFC user interface programming. (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)

Visual J++ 6.0 Reference Library

May 20, 2004
MS Press, 1998
Normally, I wouldn't buy a book without an author. I've said so many times, and still I keep doing it. In this case, all the information you find in these books can be found verbatim in online help files. But if a subject is really large and unknown (as this was to me when I bought this set), it's really great to have something on paper you can read in bath or in bed. Problem with this set is that if you try to read it in bath, you'll sink and drown. (Added July 2000) (No comments yet)