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Book Reviews: .NET

.NET Core Requirements MCAD/MCSD

May 30, 2004
Microsoft Press
A better way of learning C# and .NET than most books, regardless of if you plan to do the exams or not. All these books cover both VB and C# by doubling the code, and that is very irritating. I'd much rather had C# only, since all that VB code distracts me no end. I'm actually crossing it all out in the books as I go along, to avoid looking at it. It's not that I find it disgusting or anything, but it's becoming similar enough to C# so you sit there and try to interpret stuff that would be simply wrong if it was C# until you discover it's a VB example. This was a really bad move, I think.
The kit also includes test exams, so it's pretty complete. (No comments yet)

C# Programming

May 23, 2004
Harvey-Robinson-Templeman-Watson, Wrox, 2000
A quick overview over not only C#, but the VS.NET (Visual Studio 7 would be easier to parse) environment as well. The type of book you read because you can't wait for the real books to arrive. But don't get me wrong, it's worth it. But not for long. As soon as a real programming book is out there, forget this one. Or pass it along to your beginning programmers, maybe. (1/2001) (No comments yet)

Introducting .NET

May 23, 2004
Conard, Wrox, 2000
Just arrived. Gotta read. Looks disposable. Gotta run. See ya. (2/2001) (No comments yet)