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Book Reviews: Web stuff

PHP Cookbook

May 28, 2004
Sklar & Trachtenbert, O'Reilly 2003
As the name says, it's definitely a cookbook. You want to do this, then go there, and so on. It's not a book you should read from beginning to end unless you already know PHP (I know, I tried), since the book assumes you've already done at least something in PHP. But I think it's a real resource when it comes to practical solutions. All the little tricks on default values, parameter lists to functions, what to do and what not, are in there. At least I think so, since I know very little about PHP, so I can impossibly detect what important stuff they didn't mention. That, I guess, I'll discover at the worst possible moment, except I really do have faith in this book. Maybe because the cover is so cute. (No comments yet)

Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML 4 In 21 Days

May 26, 2004
Laura Lemay, Sams 1999
...and that was five years ago and I still don't know it all. As I've said elsewhere, I'm no fan of Sams. Their books are usually not much worth, but this one is almost ok. It's not super fantastic, but it has a lot to say, most of it really basic stuff. At least, I can pick up the basics of Java script every time I need it. That is some 25 pages of the books almost 1200 pages. The rest of the book I haven't used for much. (1 comment)
July 28, 2005
 What anonymity levels of HTTP proxy servers exist? 1. Transparent - these proxies are not anonymous. They don't hide IP-address of a client and let a web server know that you are surfing through a proxy server. The task of such proxies, as a rule, is information caching and/or support of Internet access for several computers via single connection. Such proxies are not applicable for security and privacy while surfing on net. You can use them only for network speed improvement. 2. Anonymous - these proxies don't show your real IP but change the request fields so it is very easy to detect that you are using proxy. 3. High Anonymous - these proxy servers do not pass an IP-address of a client and don't send any variables indicating that you are using proxy server to host and look like real browser. (Removed link, /Martin)

HTML, The Definitive Guide, 3rd ed.

May 26, 2004
Musciano & Kennedy, O'Reilly 1998
I've had it for a few years, five actually, so it was about time I added it to this list. The cover image is from the current edition, which I don't have, but the edition I have I couldn't find an image for. My scanner is almost four feet away and I'm far too lazy to locomote all that distance just for getting you the correct image of the book. All you need to do is imagine it doesn't say anything about XHTML on the cover and you're all set. The edition I actually do have covers HTML 4.0 and that's fine by me. Whenever I want to read up on a tag, it's usually in there. (No comments yet)

Cascading Style Sheets, 2nd ed.

May 23, 2004
Eric A. Meyer, O'Reilly 2004
For the same reason I got myself the Apache/MySQL/PHP book, I got myself a good reference on CSS. I needed it. (No comments yet)

Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development

May 23, 2004
Glass, Wrox 2004
Got this book to help me revamp my site. As you can see, if you can see this review, a very large part of my site is now based on phpBB and php scripts, so that phpBB actually helps manage content. This means you can add comments to articles and book reviews. It also means it'll be much easier for me to maintain the site, hopefully. Since my site runs on Apache, PHP and MySQL, this book was an obvious choice. (No comments yet)