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Book Reviews: Read buffer


November 12, 2004
In this section, only unreviewed or partly reviewed books will be listed. Once I've read and reviewed it, it goes into one of the other sections. So this section only exists to warn you of what I'm planning on reading (if you're a pessimist) or to show you which books I have available for lending (if you're an optimist). (No comments yet)

Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd ed.

February 20, 2005
Bertrand Meyer, Prentice-Hall 1997
Amazingly, I haven't read this one yet. But it is never too late, one hopes. (No comments yet)

The Shellcoder's Handbook

November 26, 2004
Koziol-Litchfield-Aitel-Anley-Eren-Mehta-Hassell, Wiley, 2004
I've only read a few pages in this book and I'm already overwhelmed by the typos in it. What's happening to the book publishing industry? Is there some worldwide fatal disease that only hits proofreaders and has exterminated them totally? The quality is definitely going down the drain. What I've seen already was very disturbing, like illustrations with "high" and "low" memory switched, or assembler instructions with source and destination switched. Errors like these make it very hard to follow along. I sincerely hope the entire book isn't like one great puzzle to be solved by the reader. (No comments yet)

Software Engineering Vol 2: The Supporting Processes, 2nd ed

November 26, 2004
Thayer-Christensen, IEEE/Wiley, 2003 (No comments yet)

Software Engineering Vol 1: The Development Process, 2nd ed.

November 26, 2004
Thayer-Dorfman, IEEE/Wiley, 2002
The book consists of a collection of articles about software engineering. These books (the two volumes) together are intended to cover the fundamental knowledge needed for the CSDP exam. Some articles are interesting, others are not (totally subjective remark, this). Many articles cover old software engineering methods, which has caused many readers to criticize the books as out of date. My take is that even if the described methods are outdated, you do need to understand them in order to understand why current methods are the way they are. You have to know history if you want to avoid repeating it. (No comments yet)

Writing Secure Code, 2nd ed

November 13, 2004
Howard-LeBlanc, MS Press 2003
I already reviewed the first edition elsewhere. Since this book is about how MS writes secure code, (hopefully!) a lot has changed since the first edition. The book looks substantially different (which one cannot say about MS's products, though... I'm being mean...). (No comments yet)

Code Complete, 2nd ed.

November 13, 2004
McConnell, MS Press 2004
I already reviewed the first edition elsewhere. I'll probably just figure out the changes in the second edition and talk about those. (No comments yet)

TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 3 - TTCP, HTTP, NNTP...

November 12, 2004
Stevens, Addison-Wesley 1996 (No comments yet)

TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 2 - The Implementation

November 12, 2004
Wright-Stevens, Addison-Wesley 1995 (No comments yet)

TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 - The Protocols

November 12, 2004
Stevens, Addison-Wesley 1994 (No comments yet)

Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd ed.

November 12, 2004
Zwicky-Cooper-Chapman, O'Reilly 2000
I already had the first edition, which I now replaced. (No comments yet)

Virtual Private Networks

November 12, 2004
Yuan-Strayer, Addison-Wesley 2001 (No comments yet)