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Thunderbird ... WOW~!

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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 2:07 pm    Post subject: Thunderbird ... WOW~!

Ok, get this...

My usual nightmare of travelling abroad using Outlook Express was backing up the dbx files. Upon arrival install Outlook Express with all the crappy patches so that my dbx files will be read correctly. (Note without warning by Outlook that a patch is needed because he can't read some of the data).

Then setup a Outlook account. Go through the stupid wizard. Ignore as much as possible of all the wizard helpfulness (ARGH!) and finally end up in Outlook. Go to the maintenance page, change the store location, restart Outlook, go to the registry, change the location of the address book WAB file and finally go through all the idiotic settings of Outlook to set it up like I want the interface. Ah, and almost forgot that you have to import each of your accounts again, which is at least 4 under Outlook, and change the SMTP server on each.
OMG, how many times I have repeated that ritual!

Now boys and girls TRY this at home... (yes, that was a Martin quote)

Backup the Thunderbird folder and all sub folders in the Application Data directory in your user folder. Arrive on location. Install Thunderbird. Plop down the folder in the same location. It runs, has everything configed correctly, STILL has all the settings for Enigmail (GnuPG) available (but unusable) and has all my mail accounts, mail indentities already set. (Yes, my setup is complex). Thunderbird looked up to see that I could install the latest version of Enigmail to getting up and running again. All I had to do was install GnuPG again and change the SINGLE smtp location. I think it took me all of 10 minutes MAX!

Gawd I am sold!


Ps. For those poor souls who still use Outlook Express maybe they can learn the ritual I described above to transfer their account if need be, because it has been many a times that I have been paid good money to transfer email from one OE install to another for a client. It seems to be a ritual not too many people know about or know how to perform easily. (Ok, the explaination is not completely detailed, but it is a forum, no? And, grant if you make a wrong click you could loose all your email in one go. Consider yourself warned.)
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