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Effective C++, Scott Meyers

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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2004 6:37 pm    Post subject: Effective C++, Scott Meyers

This one, and it's follow-up companion hereafter, are easily the most important reads for C++ programmers ever, once they've mastered the basics. Or even before, since they'd avoid mis-learning the language. My pet peeve about people (C++ wise, that is) is the way they glorify Java versus C++ on the simple grounds that they manage to mis-learn C++ in a big way and go on to use it backwards. There is no single thing in Java you can't do better in C++. You just have to do it right. Java is nothing but C++ minus a lot of stuff. If somebody tells you what stuff in C++ you'd better not do, unless you really need it (and Java would have left you stranded), there would be no need for yet another language. Scott Meyers books are a good step on teaching what should and should not be done. Sadly, they are aimed at fairly experienced C++ programmers. I think there must be a way of getting most of the issues he handles rewritten in a beginners' form, but I sure don't know how. That would allow people to go straight to the correct patterns without first learning all the wrong ones. (For instance, I wouldn't be surprised if learning new and delete operators couldn't be moved back to an advanced C++ course and be left almost entirely unmentioned in a beginners course. What a difference that would make.) (A later note: this is exactly what Koenig did in his new book, I forgot the name. Recommended, though. I have it, but haven't added it here yet for some weirdo reason... sorry.)
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