Coding / software

EclipseThe only real competition to Visual Studio, and it's free!
Torry's DelphiAll kinds of useful things for Delphi
MadShiDelphi coding classes, among which the hugely useful madExcept component
StreamSecSSL/TLS classes for Delphi and .NET
SvComService and COM components for Delphi
cryptlibCryptographic library
PEBundleBundles DLLs into EXE file before distribution
DUnitUnit testing framework for Delphi (open source)
PythonThe Python language home

Major software

VaultVersion control based on SQL Server and great over the net.
TestTrack ProBugtracking software, great over the net
Help & ManualVery good authoring soft for online help and manuals
VeditGeneral editor, my companion for many, many years
TigrisSubversion, the next generation CVS (open source) and more
BugzillaOpen source bugtracker
NSISNullsoft Scriptable Install System (open source)
Inno SetupInno Setup Install System (free)
PostgreSQLOpen source SQL database with real cojones
FinalBuilderAutomated Build & Release tool


SysinternalsTo die for. Leech the entire site.
WindowsStartupChecks your startup configuration.
HTML-kitThis is what I'm editing my site with and it's free! Bloody amazing.
FxCopA lint-like utility for .NET, by MS
PasswordSafeGenerates and keeps all your passwords safe, really safe
PGP DesktopThe freeware version of PGP Desktop
FeedReaderGreat RSS feed reader
iTunesWith or without an Apple or an iPod, one of the best rippers/players out there
FireFoxThe browser we should probably all be using instead of Internet Exploder
ThunderBirdThe mailer we should probably all be using instead of Outlook (Express)
ECCO ProThe most amazing PIM ever made, still going strong. You can actually get it for free and there is unofficial support for it. If only it was open-sourced...
PocketKnife PeekA little utility making Outlook actually useable (lets you see raw messages)
phpBBThe bulletin board soft a lot of my site is built upon
XP PowertoysMicrosoft's XP Powertoys utilities
PrcViewAlternative process viewer
Kiwi SyslogSyslog deamon for Windows, runs as service
PasswordletPassword generator bookmarklet (not for IE)
Open OfficeOpen Office Suite
CobianA number of nice utilities, among which backup
N|vuA freeware Web authoring system, better than Frontpage in any case.


GetRightDownload manager
WinZipCompression stuff
SalamanderNorton Commander-like shell. Loads of functionality.

Security info and tools

SecurityFocusThese guys now also own BugTraq. The entire site is a bit slashdottish.
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team (or something like that)
US-CERTUS - Computer Emergency Response Team (looks Bushy to me)
NTBugTraqRuss Cooper's very famous mailing list
Counterpane SystemsHome of Bruce Schneider's company. Also has his CryptoGrams
phrackThe infrequently published, but very readable mag, from the dark side.
MS Security CenterMS Security info and links for all their products
ISS advICEDatabase of infosec and anti-hacker info
MBSAMS Baseline Security Analyzer tool
IIS Lockdown ToolSecures an IIS installation (as far as possible...)
nmapPort scanner
InternalsSeveral utilities, among which APISpy32
netcatVery useful general hacking tool
dyninstAPICode coverage tool
CISCenter for Internet Security: tools
Crypto namesStandard Cryptographic Algorithm Naming
SANSSANS Institute
MultiProxyProxy browser tool, anonymous and otherwise
Sam SpadeNetwork/site analysis tool
PhenoelitGray hat tools
cDcCult of the Dead Cow
CDBootable knoppix with wireless tools
SentryCD Bootable firewall
StriderStrider Ghostbuster - rootkit detection by Mickeysoft
EraserSecure disk eraser, freeware

Spyware stuff

SpyWareInfoGeneral info on the spyware industry, assistance
Ad-AwareAd-Aware Spyware hunter (free)
SSDSpybot Search and Destroy (free)
SpywareBlasterSpyware Blaster (free)
WebrootWebroot Spy Sweeper (not free)


DilbertMore truth in it than is really comfortable
SohodojoThe home of the nanocorporation
UserFriendlyISP Helpdesk humor


PHPThe PHP site, only forums, nothing else
PHP DocsActiveState PHP documentation
Remove MSJVMHow to remove MS Java and replace with Sun Java Virtual Machine
Outlook AttachHow to make Outlook allow you to save "unsafe" attachments
IA-32 DocsIntel's treasure trove of CPU manuals and IA-32/64 architecture
SP2 problem appsA list of programs known to have problems with XP SP2

Sites (other)

NKSA New Kind of Science, Stephen Wolfram, the entire book
SourceForgeOpen source repository
HackDicHackers Dictionary...
App port listSpecial application port list
DSL ReportsAll manners of broadband info
SQL Server CentralSQL Server information, independent
AbeBooksSells out-of-print and secondhand books through a network of booksellers.
WinSuperSiteMany tips for windows, in particular slipstreaming of updates
ExamNotesStuff on IT certification of all kinds
DictionaryDictionary on English words and concepts
ExplanationGuideAnother dictionary, more explanations
I, CringelyRobert X. Cringely
VAT CheckCheck any European VAT number
IEEEIEEE/Computer Society
ACMAssociation For Computing Machinery
ISSAInformation Systems Security Association
Yad VashemThe Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, search page
DrudgeDrudge Report - Internet Journalism
Political HumorAmerican Political Humor
Cafe PressSelf-publishing and printing
iPodLinuxA community project to port Linux to the iPod... Yah!
GutenbergProject Gutenberg - electronic books
Electronic DesignMag on electronic design
MachiavelliMachiavelli's works online
EffingpotThe American's guide to speaking British
Petri NetGuth's Petri Net Java Applet
Ban SpamList of places to report spam and 419 scams to
LinkedInProfessional person-to-person network and relationships builder

VoIP Providers

List of providersDSL Reports list of providers
SIPPhoneSIP Phone software, hardware and more

Misc files

My OPMLMartin's FeedReader OPML file